Sonu Kumar Kushwaha
Sonu Kumar Kushwaha

Sonu Kumar Kushwaha

#14daysbreakloop challenge

#14daysbreakloop challenge

Sonu Kumar Kushwaha
·Mar 8, 2021·

2 min read

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I am using a browser extension by for maintaining my coding and learning streak for the last few days which is really an awesome extension with a lot of features.

It keeps track of your journey in #100daysofcode challenge.

You should definitely try this out.

Recently they initiated a challenge called #14daysbreakloop challenge (the sprint to consistency) in which I participated, and the journey was amazing.

  • I have learned a lot of new skills and made various projects
  • made websites using Gatsby
  • learned how to make a CLI
  • also made a chat app using
  • started learning Dart
  • learned how to use and create API
  • Following FreeCodeCamp CSS tutorials
  • I am now learning Feednami

#14daysbreakloop is the best place where you can challenge yourself to be consistent.

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